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john broge

The Secret Police

Who will they come for next? The darkness of the night was only occasionally pushed back by a streetlight. There were still people walking along the sidewalks. Down the road approached a […]

The Time Has Come

America needs to start over I started my adult life as a strong conservative and registered Republican. It was the 80’s, Ronald Reagan was President, and the country was starting to have […]

Red Cedar Community Network

Hot Meals and Creature Comforts- No Barriers, No Questions, No Charge

Everyone feels glum, distressed, or perturbed as a result of life's experiences; but if these feelings last for a long time, they disrupt your life. Learning to notice and identify these feelings and mastering the habits of a healthy lifestyle takes practice. I will be sharing my personal stories and stories of individuals (on emotional issues) whose names won't be mentioned. Most of these stories will be written in the first person narrative. Promising you a noteworthy read! Cheers!

Thoughts of An Independent Human Rights Activist

Humanity bestows great power. With great power comes great responsibility. News

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